Establishment of Model Centres for the Development of Alternative Forms of Tourism in the Mountain Areas of “Tzoumerka” and “Murgia” – “MOUNTAIN TOURISM”

The aim of the Project is the establishment of model Centres for the specialised information, the promotion, the interoperability and the alternative education in special thematic fields of sustainable tourism development -at individual and collective level- through the valorization of the knowledge concerning the natural wealth and the cultural heritage, using technological and multimedia applications, which at first level uses the records of a specified geographical scale, of Tzoumerka and the Murgia, but at second level and on what should be done-changing object creates a communication environment for developing cooperation not only between the two parties but also with the rest of the world. Specifically, the project aims to develop entrepreneurship, in particular tourist companies operating in the alternative forms of tourism, to the creation of conditions promoting integrated tourism packages – services and to the development of alternative forms of tourism activities